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3 thoughts on “Arguments ”

  1. This provokes a bundle of thoughts on my side… I totally agree with it. But I also think there comes a time when enough is enough. I’ve apologized plenty of times for something that wasn’t my fault just so an argument could be stopped. Only to then hear over and over again how wrong I was… I knew that I would never get an apology from the other side as it was never her fault. Never. Although so often it was. So I’d rather swallow my pride and apologize. After all I just wanted it to end. But as I said, it didn’t. At least not in the long run. It kept coming up… And the circle started all over again. This quote is something I want to keep close to my heart. I don’t want to end up being too stubborn to apologize but I’ll also don’t want to apologize again for something I have not done. As it’s not right either.

    1. Sometimes the stubbornness and the being too proud is both on the same side and all we can do is move on.

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